And More in PFC

  • Data file converter to translate PFC 5 data files into PFC 6 (please note that only a limited number of PFC 5 commands/FISH functions have been renamed for software interoperability)
  • An update to PFC 5 now includes the ability to export PFC 5 save files into a format that can be restored directly by PFC 6
  • PFC's graphics rendering engine has been upgraded
  • Now compatible with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Integrated Help panel
  • Integrated Technical Support Dialog
  • Results files are save files stripped down to contain only user-specified data. These files:
    • can be generated manually or automatically during cycling;
    • are about 5% of the size of a full save file in the case of large models;
    • are useful for sharing results with colleagues and clients and for archiving work; and
    • simplify post-processing (e.g., mass, automated bitmap generation for movie generation across many results files over the course of modeling); but
    • cannot be used to cycle the simulation any further (save files are needed for this as they retain the complete model state).
  • New archiving system to provide save file compatibility across all future major versions (starting from Version 6)
  • Python updated to version 3.6
  • An updated material-modeling support package is available for PFC 6
  • Now based on Visual Studio 2017 and QT5; provides Intel 2018 support

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