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Latest Version: 7.00.135 (Description)
Released On: Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021

A collection of application tools to (1) specify license location, (2) show claimed licenses, (3) request license changes, (4) apply a license update, and (5) request technical support.

ICGTools 7.00 64-bit Update

Software Update Revisions

Revision Date Description
135 Mar 31, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Update security logic.
- 3DEC Add block initialize rvelocity command.
- 3DEC Add rockbolt example and document.
- FLAC3D Remove the property "index-softening" from NorSand model.
- FLAC3D Add a property "exponent" to P2PSand model.
- PFC Add the ball accumulate-stress and clump accumulate-stress commands.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix re-population of the list during cycling.
- 3DEC Fix bug in cables plastic tensile strain was not being saved.
- 3DEC Fix bug in flowplane zone list command.
- 3DEC Fix bug in block plotting.
- 3DEC Fix hybrid bolt bug that dowels were not installed on joined joints.
- 3DEC Fix bug in block.go.temp FISH intrinsic.
- PFC Fix relative velocity computation in periodic space.

134 Mar 23, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Update security logic.
- 3DEC Add histories for hydraulic and mechanical aperture.
- FLAC3D improve searching target zone of interface node
- FLAC3D Add an error massage when initializing stress without assigning a non-null constitutive model.
- PFC Add ability to specify groups to inlet particles.
- PFC Allow cutting at any point of the cycle sequence and speed up contact detection.
- PFC Update springnetwork model.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix string comparison difference.
- Fix the FISH Global symbol control set when it is the only set on the screen.
- 3DEC Fix archiving and plot commands for block group plot item.
- 3DEC Fix bug in flowplane pressure plotting.
- 3DEC Fixes to block.gridpoint.apply-remove.vel-n command.
- PFC Fix potential issues when rotating model components with the inlet logic.
- PFC Fix 2D issues on rigid block, rblock, getJointGeometry and stress installation.
- PFC Fix bug with incrementally updating contact information in periodic space.
- PFC Fix the keep-contact issue.

133 Mar 5, 2021

New features and improvements:
- Ongoing documentation improvements.
- Add the ability in Python to use group indices.
- Make the velocity and displacement range elements applicable to all codes.
- Cut plane improvements.
- PFC Add springnetwork example in 3D.
- PFC Change code status to PRE-RELEASE from BETA.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix group.find and group.find.slot documentation.
- Fix crash when deleting groups.
- Fix 2D cellspace bug.
- 3DEC Fix configure in the Options menu in 3DEC.
- 3DEC Fix bug in joint plotting.
- 3DEC Fix bug in calculation of solve ratio when SELs are present in 3DEC.
- FLAC3D Fix properties not visible in Inline Help.
- PFC Fix importing multiple bricks from file.

132 Feb 23, 2021

New features and improvements:

  • Ongoing documentation improvements.
  • Add the FRACTURE JOINT-SET command similar to the BLOCK JOINT-SET command in 3DEC.
  • 3DEC Increase block limit for demo version from 40 to 50.
  • 3DEC Added face groups to BLOCK LIST POLY output.
  • 3DEC Speed up gridpoint group range by adding gridpoint-face links.
  • 3DEC Improve new zoning command, adding the CLEAR and LIST keywords to the BLOCK ZONE SIZE command.
  • 3DEC Add the softening healing creep joint model.
  • FLAC3D Allow users to DELETE zones without a license.
  • PFC Version 7.00 has been moved to Pre-Release.
  • PFC Add clump.stress FISH intrinsic and make all clump FISH intrinsics multi-threaded.
  • PFC All computational modules are loaded as with FLAC3D.
  • PFC Add rotating/translating inlet logic for particle creation.
  • PFC Add more robust rblock aspect ratio computation.
  • PFC Expand PFC histories to support tensors and vectors using the COMPONENT and QUANTITY keywords.
  • PFC Expand PFC histories to support extra variables.
  • PFC Add simple stress apply conditions for rblock facets.
  • PFC Add the RBLOCK DENSIFY command to refine the size of rblocks through recursive cutting.
  • PFC Add the RBLOCK DILATE command to dilate by a specified distance without rounding.
  • PFC Reduce the number of properties when plotting PFC contacts.
  • PFC Update the dip and dip-direction properties immediately for smoothjoint contacts when then geometry is updated.
  • PFC Add the INITIALIZE method to the flatjoint contact to install a force and a moment when bonded.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix movie export bug.
  • Fix the domain.strain.rate FISH intrinsic.
  • Fix bug that can cause cut-planes to have holes.
  • Fix dynamic wizard issue on high resolution monitors.
  • 3DEC Fix BLOCK FRAGMENT command.
  • 3DEC Fix command conversion for FRAGMENT command.
  • 3DEC Fix bug that may cause errors when very large merged blocks area present.
  • 3DEC Fix bug in subcontact history when specifying dip and dip-direction.
  • FLAC3D Fix determinism bug in ZONE INITIALIZE-STRESS command.
  • FLAC3D Fix save/restore of the StressTensor apply condition used in the EMBEDDED BOUNDARY command.
  • FLAC3D Fix fluid computations.
  • FLAC3D Fix 2D structure plot item that displays the maximum outer-fiber stress.
  • PFC Fix closest point on rblock in 2D for contact resolution with spheres.
  • PFC Fix rblock.group.list FISH intrinsic.
  • PFC Fix clump issue with rblock.group.list FISH intrinsic.
  • PFC Fix crash bug with clump domain contacts when breaking the clumps.
  • PFC Fix rblock structural element issue with mixed deformable/rigid connections.
  • PFC Fix bugs when importing rblocks from grid files.
  • PFC Fix rblock deletion bug.
  • PFC Fix keyword mismatch in BALL TRACTION command.
131 Jan 28, 2021

New Features and improvements:

  • Ongoing improvements to the documentation set.
  • Update security logic.
  • Add the ability to set the stress from an extra symbol.
  • Check for number of vertices when adding polygon.
  • Allow crash report.
  • Add the volume range and GUI range elements to the generic range elements.
  • Update ubiquitous-anisotropic model.
  • FLAC3D Add more helpful error message when importing or exporting a grid.
  • 3DEC Add ability to specify angle for range concave.
  • 3DEC Add Mohr-Coulomb contact model.
  • 3DEC Improve block zone size and block zone generate-new commands.
  • PFC Add local ratio and convergence for balls and clumps as with rblocks.
  • PFC Allow rblock-facet contacts to use the springnetwork contact model.
  • PFC Add the rblock refine command.
  • PFC Add the ability to import rblocks from grid files.
  • PFC Add the ability to accumulate and store the stress in rblocks for use during contact model computations, with the ACCUMULATE-STRESS keyword in the RBLOCK CONTACT-RESOLUTION command.
  • PFC Add the rblock facet group command with intersection capabilities.
  • PFC Add the ability to not create contacts, as opposed to inhibiting them, with the FACET-TOTAL keyword in the RBLOCK CONTACT-RESOLUTION command.
  • PFC Enhance the rblock delete command.
  • PFC update intrinsic signatures.
  • PFC Add ability to check if any DOF is fixed in the rbsn contact model.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix crash bug if try to execute nothing.
  • Fix bug that end node cannot be assigned group for a 1D structure with only one segment.
  • Fix bug of scale box plot not saving major and minor scale values.
  • FLAC3D Add error message if fluid calculation lost overlayer of a zone.
  • FLAC3D Fix crash of gridpoint merge that causes two zones share the same gridpoints, or two zones have the same join to a third zone.
  • FLAC3D Fix bug of profile plots not keeping user-defined y-labels when duplicating plot.
  • 3DEC Fix bug in conversion tool.
  • 3DEC Fix model mech timestep-update command.
  • 3DEC Fix block to-flac3d command.
  • PFC Fix the installing rblock stress with the EXTRA keyword.
  • PFC Fix the import from gridfile when in ascii mode.
130 Dec 22, 2020

New Features and improvements:

  • Ongoing improvements to the documentation set.
  • Add the command program system delete command to delete files.
  • Save a stable or unstable file for FOS calculation with a bracket of equivale bounds.
  • 3DEC Add FISH function block.gp.gplinks.
  • 3DEC Add a range defined by master-id.
  • PFC Add normal and shear stress to plotting.
  • PFC Update to allow to assign stiffness in a different way and to only use the diagonal components when computing the Poisson effect (not the default).
  • PFC Enable to load a save file without all of the PFC modules loaded that create contacts.
  • PFC Implement joint plotting for wall-wall contacts.

Bug Fixes:

  • FLAC3D Fix that Biot modulus was not accordingly updated due to the update of fluid bulk modulus.
  • 3DEC Fixes to zone vtkcommand.
  • 3DEC Fix bugs in block contact compute command.
  • 3DEC Fix bug in group GUI range for plotting block faces.
  • 3DEC Fix bug introduced in update 129 related to plotting of interpolated stresses and strains.
  • PFC Fix the plotting issue when plotting joints with rblock-facet contacts.
  • PFC Fix to rblock spin command processing.
129 Dec 7, 2020

New Features and improvements:

  • IMASS model release.
  • Ongoing improvements to the documentation set.
  • Add functions of isThermalInUse(), isCreepInUse(), isFluidInUse() to the state class.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug of state range that was not working for "None" state.
  • FLAC3D Fix that Biot modulus was not accordingly updated due to the update of fluid bulk modulus.
  • 3DEC Fix bug in SOLVE ELASTIC for higher order tet elements.
  • PFC Fix rblock face plotting bug.
128 Nov 18, 2020

New Features and improvements:

  • Ongoing improvements to the documentation set.
  • Flag-brittle not allowed be on when inputting tension as a table for softening constitutive models.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed missing dependency causing incomplete installation.
127 Nov 15, 2020

New Features and improvements:

  • Ongoing improvements to the documentation set.
  • Update security logic.
  • Add two plot commands, plot isometric and plot rotation.
  • Update example UDM project for VS2019 from VS2017.
  • Add list.at and list.indices FISH intrinsics.
  • Add map.add.list and map.merge FISH intrinsics.
  • Change the flag property flag-initialization in Plastic-Hardening model to the standard boolean type.
  • Update of P2PSand for better numerical stability.
  • 3DEC Add FISH function for thermal analytical time.
  • 3DEC Added FISH intrinsic flowplane.vertex.property and thermal.time.analytical.
  • 3DEC model calm command now working.
  • 3DEC Add more plotting options to block face plot item.
  • 3DEC Add controls for reinforcement vector plot item.
  • 3DEC Add ability to plot force as percentage of yield strength for hybrid bolts and reinforcement elements.
  • PFC Add local ratio, target ratio and convergence to rblocks.
  • PFC Add hide and select support to rblocks with plotting.
  • PFC Add geometry fill command to fill a closed shape with nodes. Useful if tessellating and also for rblock construct command.
  • PFC Add the persist keyword when registering fragments.
  • PFC Add facet plotting to rblocks and improve performance when plotting by rblock attribute.
  • PFC Plotting optimization and update.
  • PFC Add facet groups to rblocks with cutting support and add command to apply facet groups to contacts.
  • PFC Add the inhibit condition of a factor times the total face area for rblocks.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes to FISH:
    • Splitting now works when applied to reference arguments to functions (for lists, arrays, and maps where it makes sense), also iterating now works on reference types.
    • Document FISH string.sub, and also made it write-able.
    • Filter lists (boolean or indices) can now be used on the LHS of an assignment.
    • Fix crash bug in LOOP FOREACH compilation.
  • Fix bug in the code picker.
  • Fix bug in the TechSupport dialog if the code picker was used.
  • Fix bug in the default names for groups and slots (Any, Default, Invalid, None).
  • Fix to zone plot generation speed.
  • Fix the gp.fix method on assignment, when -> was used.
  • Fix Hoek-Brown model that some properties can be modified after previous calculation.
  • FLAC3D Fix a bug of sign for FISH gp.temp.source.
  • FLAC3D Fix a bug on fish-local.
  • 3DEC Fix ASCII and wall-zone stuff.
  • 3DEC Fix bug that was giving bad results when structural elements were outside of zones but within contact tolerance.
  • PFC Fix bug if calling FISH rblock.pos or rblock.rotate in multithreaded FISH.
  • PFC Fix a potential save/restore crash when inhibiting contacts.
  • PFC Fix maximum and average ratio returned.
126 Oct 9, 2020

New Features and improvements:

  • Initial release of v7 toolset.

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