InSite-Lite Example Demo Projects

Example Demo Projects

Below are some examples of seismic, microseismic and AE monitoring from ICL's consultancy projects that can be used to explore the different tools and visualisers available in InSite Seismic Processor.

The demo files include a .pcf file (InSite's project file) and, in those examples that include waveform data, a folder containing .esf files (InSite's waveform data file). To open waveform data from the .pcf file, the related folder containing .esf files and the .pcf file must be saved in the same directory. Each example includes a presentation showing the main features of each data set and instructions on how to navigate between visualisers. For further information on navigating and operating InSite please refer to the Help files inside InSite-Lite.

Examples with waveform data

These examples allow you to explore the full functionality of InSite Seismic Processor, and navigate through all the different visualisers to carry out full processing and analysis of the example data (depending of the InSite version). The .pcf file and the folder containing the .esf files must be extracted and saved to the same directory:

  • Microseismic monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Seismic monitoring of EDZ around tunnel excavation
  • Acoustic Emission monitoring of clay bulkhead
  • Acoustic Emission monitoring of True Triaxial Test

Examples with processed results only

These examples contain processed results from seismic, microseismic and acoustic emission monitoring projects. The data sets allow exploring the functionalities of data management, 3D visualiser and charting of InSite Seismic Processor. For these examples on the .pcf file is required.

  • Microseismic monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Seismic monitoring of EDZ around tunnel excavation
  • Acoustic Emission monitoring of concrete bulkhead
  • Acoustic Emission monitoring of deposition hole
  • Microseismic monitoring of Enhanced Geothermal System
  • Acoustic Emission monitoring of True Triaxial Test

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