Model Plot Contest


As part of Itasca's 40th Anniversary celebrations, we are pleased to invite you to participate in a Model Plot contest to showcase the capability, flexibility, and beauty of Itasca software.

The contest has four themes:

  1. Mining
  2. Civil
  3. Energy
  4. And now for something totally different

There is no limit to the number of participants and the contest is open to anyone using valid Itasca modeling software. A panel of five Itascan judges will decide upon the best model plot submitted for each theme. Winners will be notified on October 22, 2021 and announced on Itasca's website and social media the following week.

We look forward to receiving your submission(s) by October 1, 2021. Please enter your submission(s) and upload your model plots using the web form below. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Four prizes will be awarded, one for each theme. Prizes are a one-year lease of your choice of 3DEC, FLAC, FLAC3D, Griddle, PFC Suite, UDEC, or XSite. Each winner will also receive a certificate of achievement.


  1. This contest is open to everyone using valid Itasca software in countries where Itasca sells software.
  2. Model plots must have been generated from Itasca software.
  3. Entrants may submit up to two plot images for one of the four themes indicated above.
  4. Include the entrant's first and last name in the image(s) filename(s).
  5. The model plot image must be in its original state, cannot be altered in any way, and may not be previously published.
  6. By entering the contest, entrants agree that the images submitted may be used by Itasca for commercial purposes.
  7. Entries will be judged by a panel of Itasca consultants, software developers, and associates.
  8. Winners will be notified on October 22, 2021 and announced on Itasca's website and social media the following week.
  9. Prizes must be collected (i.e., lease activated) by June 1, 2022.
  10. No cash equivalent is offered.
  11. Entrant may not be employees of Itasca International, Inc.


  1. Model plot images must be PNG, PDF, or SVG file format.
  2. Each model plot image must be <10 MB in size.
  3. Model plot images must be at least 1920 pixels wide.
  4. Each model plot submitted must be accompanied by a caption (< 100 words).
Which Itasca software did you use for the plot(s) submitted?
Which theme does your submission fall under? .
Select up to two model plot files (PNG, PDF, SVG). Each file may be up to 10 MB in size.