Zhāo Chéng

Senior Geomechanics Engineer

Dr. Chéng is a geomechanics engineer with academic background in numerical modeling and geotechnical engineering, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in California. He has research experience in the coupling of porous media and fluids, liquefaction models, and soil and rock mechanics. Dr. Chéng has performed many geotechnical projects on seismic-hazard evaluation, earthquake-soil-structure interaction on bridges, tunnels, underground structures, dams, slopes, and highways. He actively participated in the seismic retrofits on several toll bridges in the state of California. Dr. Chéng has particular experience in numerical modeling for geotechnical projects. He currently is responsible for the technical support of FLAC3D and the maintenance of constitutive models.

Area of Expertise: 
Software Development
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