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Welcome to the 3DEC Product Manager’s Corner. This is a new forum where the product manager (me) will discuss interesting topics relating to 3DEC, including tips and tricks, answers to frequently asked questions and new research and development initiatives. This is meant to be an informal meeting place for 3DEC users, so comments and suggestions are certainly welcome.

To kick things off, here is a sneak peak and the next version. Note the drop down menu for the quantity being contoured. You will be able to easily change what is contoured without having to add new plot items. Note also the ‘Smooth’ checkbox that smoothes zone contours. More about this in a future post! Finally, observe the table of FISH symbols and values – a handy way to watch the evolution of your parameters as the model is running.

Check back often for the latest 3DEC discussions. Looking forward to your comments. Happy modeling!

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