UDEC 7.00 64-bit

Update Instructions 

This is a pre-release version of UDEC 7.0. The documentation is neither finished nor corrected. Users may encounter areas that are missing, incomplete, or even erroneous.

Please be advised that this documentation is provided as-is for the purpose of facilitating use of the pre-release.

We greatly appreciate you helping us test and evaluate. Bug reports, comments, and suggestions are welcome and may be sent to: UDECsupport@itascacg.com.

When you purchase UDEC 7 you will receive a license for UDEC 7 which will also permit you to use either UDEC 6 or the pre-release version of UDEC 7 until it is officially released.

Getting Started with UDEC 7:

  • All commands in UDEC have changed! This is to provide future consistency and compatibility across all Itasca software. While some old commands may still work, this is not guaranteed.
  • The install folder (c:\program files\itasca\udec700) will include several reference files that have old commands mapped to the new commands:
    • Alphabetical mapping UDEC 6 commands to UDEC 7.text,
    • New fish.txt,
    • New UDEC command structure.docx (items that are highlighted in yellow do not currently exist), and
    • UDEC 7 fish old to new.txt.
  • There is an automatic command conversion tool built into the program. Load the file (data, fish, or GIIC project files) into the built-in editor and then click edit -> command conversion.
  • The new UDEC is built around the use of project files. These project files are different from the GIIC project files and have a different file extension. It is highly recommend to use project files as they provide a base for the location of the project and will store plot settings.
  • UDEC 7.00 is built on Visual Studio 2017. DLL’s from VS 2010 will not be compatible. There is not currently a template for creating UDMs in 2017. The header files and libraries required for this should be included. The example solution that is included in the install may be modified for a new DLL.
  • The help has been converted to provide guidance for the new commands. The keyboard shortcuts CTRL+space and F1 will list keywords in the editor.
  • The manual PDF files are still the UDEC 6.00.

Visual C++ 2017 Runtime Library

UDEC 7.0 requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Runtime Library. If these codes have not been previously installed or are experiencing errors related to missing DLLs, the runtime may not be present and will need to be installed. Use the download below to install the necessary files. Note this step need only be performed once.


Supplementary Files