XSite 3.0 64-bit

Update Instructions 

Please note the following known Issues:

  • The maximum proppant concentration is still hardwired to 0.7. It should probably increased to 1.0.
  • Need to take a closer look at proppant stress when the new conductivity curves (indexed by proppant concentration and stress) are used.
  • Perforated tunnels: simplified logic cluster volume calculation needs to take in consideration that the part of the perf. tunnel cylinder is already taken into consideration by the borehole volume.
  • Generalize the logic for viscosity transition allowing switch from power-law fluid and include power-law fluid and fluid transition in the simplified logic.
  • resetClusterOnNodes is called after a stage is inactivated; it probably should not to avoid premature connection of the active fractures with those connected with inactive clusters.
  • Export grid function is limited to infinit horizontal plane seams.
  • Will added ability to specify export extent based on top and lower seam for minimum and maximum Z coordenate and fractures location for X and Y coordenates.