Full Feature List

Main Features

Tools within the graphical interface allow for rapid model development at each stage of the process, including:

  • Creation of the slope geometry
  • Addition of layers
  • Specification of materials either manually or from a database
  • Location of a water table
  • Positioning a planar or non-planar material interface
  • Application of surface loading at any location
  • Installation of structural support such as soil nails or rock bolts


FLAC/Slope offers these advantages over Limit Equilibrium methods:

  • Any failure mode develops naturally; there is no need to specify a range of trial surfaces in advance
  • No artificial parameters (e.g., functions for inter-slice angles) need to be given as input
  • Multiple failure surfaces (or complex internal yielding) evolve naturally, if the conditions give rise to them
  • Structural interaction (e.g., rock bolt, soil nail or geogrid) is modeled realistically as fully coupled deforming elements, not simply as equivalent forces
  • Solution consists of mechanisms that are feasible kinematically