FLAC/Slope Software Licenses

FLAC/Slope licenses (and any enabled options) have two parts, the “License Term” and the “License Type”.

The license term may extend over a period of time of a monthly lease, an annual lease, or in-perpetuity.

The license type may be either a standard or network USB security key (i.e., hardware lock). When the USB key is not present, the program operates in "Demonstration Mode".


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The license is effective in-perpetuity for the software version purchased.



Monthly Lease

The license is effective on a month-by-month basis.

Annual Lease

The license is effective for one year from the date of purchase for the currently available software version.




Standard type FLAC/Slope software is a stand-alone, single-user program. The standard type will allow two instances of FLAC/Slope to cycle simultaneously on a single computer. However, there is no limit to the number of instances that may be open without cycling. This allows an unrestricted amount of model setup or analysis. The program is secured with a USB key that must be connected to a computer to allow cycling. The USB security key may be moved between computers and users as needed. This option is ideal for an individual or for multiple users utilizing the software within the same office.



Network type FLAC/Slope software will cycle a number of FLAC/Slope instances equal to the number of seats purchased for the license. In this configuration, the USB security key and license management software are installed on a server while the FLAC/Slope program is installed on end-user computers. The program may be installed on as many computers as needed. This license is ideal for a centralized IT- administered organization.


Demonstration Mode

If FLAC/Slope is started without the key for either a standard or network license, the Hardware Lock Not Detected error dialog will appear. When no key is present, the dialog provides the option to start the program in "Demonstration Mode" by choosing the Continue button. This mode is fully functional in every respect, except the program will only cycle models limited to 600 zones. There are no time restrictions in Demonstration Mode. Efforts to cycle larger models will generate an error message indicating that the model size exceeds that which may be cycled in "Demonstration Mode."


Download and try the FLAC/Slope demo.