Using PFC in FLAC3D 6.0

Itasca is moving towards a common platform where all its software components — the core calculation engines (FLAC, 3DEC, PFC, etc.) and supplemental and shared functionalities (program options, Python scripting, FISH, etc.) — are developed as modules or plug-ins. In this platform, the products and options on a license will determine which of several possible modular components are available when the software is started.  

With FLAC3D 6.0, you will be able to load Itasca's Particle Flow Code 5.0 (PFC3D) software as an optional module. A valid PFC3D 5.0 license is required. This will make it possible to work with PFC3D objects (balls, clumps, walls, etc.) directly within FLAC3D 6.0, either coupled or on its own.  Similarly, when PFC3D 6.0 is released, it will be possible to load FLAC3D as an optional module in it, as well, so you can incorporate zones, structural elements or other components in your PFC3D model.  This means that in the future Itasca software products will be highly configurable by users, who, in choosing which modules to license, will be able to customize their product to the exact needs of their advanced numerical modeling problems and will be able to integrate easily, in one analysis, the formerly separate capabilities of separate software packages.

For example, the following videos show a FLAC3D punch being driven into an assembly of PFC3D balls (left) and PFC3D clumps falling from a chute (defined by PFC3D walls) onto a FLAC3D conveyor (right). Zone stress and ball vertical displacements; and zone vertical displacements are displayed in each video, respectively.