More Help in FLAC3D 6.0

Interactive Help

For FLAC3D 6.0 the entire documentation set has been published as a Help file. This will permit users to rapidly search and explore content, review and copy examples, and, most importantly, it makes possible the additional integrated facilitates described below, particularly Inline Help and Instant Help.

Inline Help   [Ctrl+Spacebar]

The new Inline Help tool provides guided auto-completion for command construction.  The tool is available in the Console (at the command prompt) or Editor (in a data file) Panes.  In either location, when Ctrl+Spacebar is pressed, the tool identifies the command or keyword under the current cursor position and displays a list of keywords or values that may follow.  From there the user may traverse the list, "type" the selected keyword into their command by pressing Enter, and continue processing sub-keywords in the tool or dismiss the dialog to complete the command.  At any time pressing F1 for instant help (see next) will open the Help file to the definition of the current command or keyword.  See the video below for a demonstration.

Instant Help [F1]

As with the Inline Help tool, Instant Help may be accessed either at the command prompt or within a data file.  PressingF1 will open the Help file automatically and go to a definition corresponding to the current keyword position.   In version 5.0 this facility was limited to the main command word, and the facility would bring the user to the top of the page containing the command definition for the command at the start of the current line.  In version 6.0, the capability has been extended to keywords.  The facility will now open the Help file to the location of the keyword definition within the page containing the parent command definition, assuming the cursor is on a keyword. This is particularly helpful and time-saving for long commands that have many keywords.

Keyword Help   [?]

At the command prompt typing  ? (+ Enter)  at any time will list the possible commands or keywords that can be input, given the preceding command input.  This facility is particularly helpful as a shortcut when access to the Inline Help tool is more than what the user requires to recall a given keyword or option.