Griddle Licenses

Griddle is a plug-in to the Rhinoceros 5.0 or 6.0 3D CAD software and requires a licensed version of Rhinoceros 5.0 or 6.0 3D CAD software to run.

Griddle licenses (and any enabled options) have two parts, the “License Term” and the “License Type”.

The license term may extend over a period of time of a monthly lease, an annual lease, or in-perpetuity.

The license type may be either a standard or network USB security key (i.e., hardware lock). When the USB key is not present, the program operates in "Demonstration Mode".

Request a software quotation or contact Software Sales if you have any questions.


The license is effective in-perpetuity for the software version purchased.

The license is effective on a month-by-month basis.

The license is effective for one year from the date of purchase for the currently available software version.


In this configuration, Griddle is secured with a USB key that must be connected to the Griddle user’s computer. The USB security key may be moved between computers and users as needed. This option is ideal for an individual or for multiple users utilizing the software within the same office.

In this configuration, a USB security key and license management software are installed on a server while the Griddle program is installed on end-user computers. The network license is purchased with a specified number of seats (number of simultaneous users). The program may be installed on as many computers as needed. If the computer is connected to the network that has the Griddle network key installed, then Griddle will run in an unrestricted manner provided a seat is available. This license is ideal for a centralized IT- administered organization.

If Griddle is started without a standard or network license key, a dialog box will appear, indicating a Griddle hardware key was not found and the program will run in demonstration mode. In demonstration mode, Griddle is fully functional in every respect, except the Griddle surface remesher and volume mesher output a maximum of 600 surface or volume elements respectively. The Griddle surface mesh intersector does not operate in a demonstration mode. There are no time restrictions in Demonstration Mode.

Download and try the Griddle demo.

Qualified institutions receive discounts on standard or network licenses purchased for academic use. Itasca also invites students and professors to ask about the Itasca Education Program (IEP) and Itasca Teaching Program (ITP).

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