MassFlow 1.00


This is a placeholder for the MassFlow installer. The MSI file below is not the actual installation MassFlow file.

Update Instructions

This is a BETA version of MassFlow 1.00.

Please be aware that you use this software at your own risk.

  • The features of this BETA version are principally complete.
  • The program has passed internal testing and evaluation.
  • The program is being used by Itasca consultants on engineering projects and select clients.
  • We attempt to maintain compatibility between files from this version with future updates, but this is not guaranteed.
  • Any documentation supplied with the program is in a draft state and may be incomplete.
  • We greatly appreciate you helping us test and evaluate MassFlow 1.00.

Bug reports, comments, and suggestions are welcome and may be sent to:



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Latest Version: 1.00.1
Released On: Monday, Jul 23, 2018

MassFlow 1.0 64-bit Update

Software Update Revisions

Revision Date Description
1 Apr 3, 2017
  • TBD
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