InSite-Geo 3.16 Update

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Latest Version: 3.16.2
Released On: Thursday, Jul 9, 2020

InSite-Geo 3.16.2 64-bit Update

Software Update Revisions

Revision Date Description
2 Jul 9, 2020

New Features:

  • Incorporated new options for the calculation of ground motion (PPV and PPA) from all channels, horizontal channels or vertical channels. PPV and PPA can now be calculated from displacement, velocity and acceleration records. The results are displayed in the instrument data view in waveform visualiser and maximum values for each event in data visualiser.
  • New option in Streamer Leach to extract sequential sections of stream by selecting a trigger ratio of ‘0’.
  • New date/time picker controls in scene properties and event filter dialog boxes.
  • Improved display in Streamer Leach Continuous Waveform Watch.


  • Fixed the import of .csv files in ‘Data import’.
  • Fixed crash due to unhandled exception in automatic velocity model calibration when getting Q factor in the forward calculation of arrivals
  • Fixed updating of colour scale in stereonet chart displays operating in real-time.
  • Fixed reporting of event filter error in streamer leach watch window.
  • Fixed display of azimuth and plunge in rotation properties dialog box in triaxial view.
  • Fixed loading of velocity model in triaxial view for projects using homogeneous-isotropic velocity models.
  • Fixed resetting of user event types after switching to different project.
  • Fixed display of list of user event types pop-up menu in 3D visualiser.
  • Fixed initialisation of Time min. and Time max. in scene properties.
1 Mar 30, 2020

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issues when recognising Network dongle licences.


  • Added the functionality to automatically calculate time dependent velocity.
  • Automatic update of velocity survey charts in real-time operations.
  • Improved velocity survey stereonet, incorporating raypath information, automatic update in real-time operations and export of results as text file.
  • Added the capability to Leach through waveform files in text (ASCII) format (acquired from AESoftland acquisition systems).
0 Feb 4, 2020

New features:

  • Improvements to source scan location algorithm, with the inclusion of s-wave polarisation in the parameters used in the search and running the search 3 times to select the optimal solution.
  • Generation of synthetic waveforms for arrays of uniaxial and triaxial sensors.


  • Added Time-dependent velocity models for moment tensor inversion.
  • Modified energy window in source scan to use front and back P and S wave rotation windows.
  • In parallel processing of collapsing grid search, reserved one thread to allow other operations.

Data Management:

  • Expanded the range of parameters in the event filter.
  • Time/date corrections on axes in stream visualiser and export to csv from waveform view when importing data with time gaps. This improvement also includes the handling of time gaps when streaming continuous data (HDF5 and SRM files).
  • Handling of import of BSF files with erroneous blocks of zero data.
  • Option to export waveform pick results as .csv file.
  • Option to import multiple dataless SEED files into the default receiver array.
  • Option to export the results from Hudson T-K plot to csv file.
  • Option to export to text file results from the following charts in parameter visualiser: event parameter scatter chart, event parameter histogram, b-value chart and event parameter line chart.
  • User-selected visualisation associated with grid files is now saved to the .extra files.
  • Improved handling of SEGY files, catering for cases where all channels are set to 0.
  • Account for the endian code when importing miniSEED.
  • Added a check for empty default receiver array when ‘Start Leaching Data’ or ‘Start AutoLeaching’ are called.

Visualisation and Navigation:

  • Display and export of T0, as well as added display of T0 cursor in moveout view.
  • Added display of S-waves raypaths when using Tian raytracing.
  • References to S and S2 pick have been changed to SH and SV Pick.
  • Added option for automatic set of time axes limits in event line and frequency charts.
  • Added shortcut buttons in waveform visualiser to access settings of autopicking, source vectors, channel processing and locater.
  • Added Opening Angle as a scaling option in 3D visualiser.
  • Added sampling frequency to Monte Carlo simulation settings.
  • Dynamic fracture box updating when events are played in time.
  • Added ‘Peak velocity’ column to event view data panel when the traces are organised by channel.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes to failures to calculate S-wave arrival times in ray tracing.
  • Stopped the creation of ESF in cases where synthetic waveforms fail to generate.
  • Fixed display of data columns in Data Visualiser when columns are omitted due to licence permission.
  • Fixed rendering of image plane when previously saved as hidden.
  • Fixed crash when exporting event instrument csv file from event pop-up menu.
  • Fixed consistency units in 3D visualiser.
  • Sorted performance bottleneck in importing miniSEED.
  • Sorted PGV values in the export of CSV GMMR data files.
  • Fixed software crash when insufficient number of events were input for cluster calculation.
  • Fixed crash that sometimes occurs entering moveout view with tian ray tracing velocity model selected.
  • Removed multiple error messages when importing an invalid sensor CSV file.
  • Added units to LUT and check against locater units on import.
  • Fixed bug in synthetic waveforms when units other than metre, feet and seconds were used.
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