Upgrade now to FLAC3D 5.01

If you haven’t upgraded your FLAC3D software to the latest version, we want you to know what you’re missing.

Try Itasca's FREE demo software and use the latest features and all the options that FLAC3D has to offer.* Options include dynamic, thermal, creep and C++ plug-ins.

FLAC3D 5 can now be bundled together with KUBRIX Geo 14 and Rhinoceros 5 CAD at a discount, so you should try all three and take full advantage of FLAC3D modeling.


FLAC3D 5 KUBRIX Geo 14 Rhinoceros 5
Explicit continuum modeling of non-linear material behavior in 3D. Automatic and interactive mesh generator to create regular, octree, tetrahedral and hexahedral model grids. CAD software to create, edit, analyze and translate NURBS curves, surfaces and solids.

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We know you’ll find this upgrade to be a valuable tool.

Contact your local sales representative when you’re ready to upgrade or if you have any questions.

*The FLAC3D demo does not expire, but is limited to 600 zones and 100 structural elements.