Rock Mechanics Award from the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration

Minneapolis, MN | March 3, 2017

Loren Lorig, CEO of Itasca International, has been selected as the 2016 recipient of the Rock Mechanics Award from the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME).

Established in 1967, the Rock Mechanics Award is given to individuals for distinguished contributions to the advancement of the field of rock mechanics. Dr. Lorig was selected  “for his international leadership in the development and application of mechanics-based numerical procedures to engineering design in discretely fractured rock masses.” 

He joins previous Itasca winners Mark Board (2012), Peter Cundall (2002), and Charles Fairhurst (1972). Other notable award recipients include Edwin Brown, Richard Goodman, Evert Hoek, Z.T. Bieniawski, and Steve Crouch.