New Premium Service Plan for PFC 5 Commercial Customers

Itasca Engages PFC 5 Commercial Customers with New Premium Service Plan

Customers Profit from Guided Technical Assistance
Itasca is offering PFC Suite 5.0 customers a new service as part of our PFC software to help guide and teach them how use it for their projects.
The Premium Service Plan is integrated with the product delivery and provides direct one-on-one service beyond our normal technical support. Our customers can efficiently engage with this new, powerful software, optimize their project engineering time and discover more of the software’s great benefits.
A customer who purchases the plan as part of PFC Suite 5.0 receives 64 hours of assistance from Itasca’s team of PFC software experts. Customers may draw on this service for any type of one-on-one training or project assistance, either to familiarize themselves with the abundant new features of PFC Suite 5.0, or for guidance on setting up and running project models. These hours can be used for a one-year period after purchase. Additional hours can be purchased if customers want further one-on-one training or direct support on their project work.
Current PFC Suite 5.0 customers have received a personal letter describing how to take advantage of the benefits and structure of the new PFC product.
For further information about the Premium Service Plan and the additional advantages of PFC Suite 5.0, please visit our web site at or contact your local sales representative.