InSite 3.12 Now Available

IMaGE is pleased to announce the latest releases of the InSite family of products. There are additional developments and feature enhancement across acquisition, processing, visualization and interpretation. The highlights in v3.12 include:

Three-dimensional Display of Beach Ball

After moment tensor inversion, the source failure mechanism can be visualized in either DFN disk/plane or beachball symbol, a popular display in earthquake seismology. The size of the beachball can be scaled not only by source radius but many other source parameters. The black color corresponds to particle motion in tension.

Analytical and Synthetic Waveform Generation on any Locations 

A user can generate ray-based synthetic waveform or analytical waveform from any positions defined in the 3D visualizer or from an external CSV file. The synthetic waveform will be used for array analysis or algorithm evaluation.

Cumulative Fracture Dimension Chart 

A dynamic fracture box is used to fit events cumulatively in time. The fracture box dimension, its centre position, as well as its azimuth estimate the fracture growth in time and space. 

Enhanced Event Collapsing and Clustering

Microseismic locations are perturbed inside their uncertainty or confidence ellipsoids till a simplified structure of the event cloud is obtained. The collapsed cloud can be saved as a separate component and be interpreted in terms of some simplified structures such as faults and fractures. The event collapsing function is to obtain the simplest possible structure that is consistent with the location uncertainty. In addition, the event clustering, a popular pattern analysis technique used in machine learning, can be used to reveal distinctive fractures and structures when a large number of events are available.

All InSite products: InSite-HF v3.12, InSite-Geo v3.12, InSite-Lab v3.12, and InSite-Design v3.12 are available to clients under the annual maintenance program and can be obtained from the Releases page in the Client Area of the IMaGE website, where full release notes are available.

The free version InSite-Viewer v3.12, and InSite-Demo v3.12 are available to download. To try the demo click here.

We are continuously working to optimize and enhance functionalities and performance of InSite for all applications. Your feedback on the current tools and suggestions for future developments that would improve your processing is always welcome and appreciated. Please send your comments to