PFC 2022 Online, Live Introductory Training

PFC 2022 Online, Live Introductory Training

April 4-7, 2022

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This four-day course provides guidance in the use of the Itasca codes PFC2D and PFC3D to simulate the mechanical behavior of granular and solid materials. The focus is on simulating the fracture and flow of brittle rock-like materials.

The PFC codes provide a general distinct-element engine along with PYTHON and the embedded language FISH, which provide full access to the internal variables of the model and allow one to implement user-defined behaviors. Most PFC modeling requires the use of PYTHON and/or FISH.

After the distinct-element framework that forms the theoretical basis for PFC is understood and PYTHON/FISH is mastered, the PFC codes can be used to simulate any physical process whose physics can be described by the interactions of discrete bodies.

The course combines lectures with hands-on modeling exercises; thus, each student should have their own laptop computer on which the PFC codes can be run. Each attendee will be provided PFC2D and PFC3D licenses for use during the course.


Geomechanics & Software Engineer, PFC Product Manager

Mr. Sacha Emam has developed numerical models to investigate the relationship between the packing history of granular systems, their geometry and micro-mechanical parameters, and their large-scale mechanical properties (elastic moduli, friction angle, dilatancy, etc.). He is the Software Product Manager for PFC.

Senior Geomechanics and Software Engineer

Dr. Potyondy has developed and applied both continuum and discontinuum models to represent damage and flow processes on both a macro- and a micro-scale. He has directed development of the PFC software, has developed the structural-element logic in FLAC3D and has developed novel techniques for applying micro-mechanical discontinuum models to fracture-related boundary-value problems, including the prediction of excavation damage produced by stress, temperature and stress corrosion.

Training Schedule

Day 1: Software Fundamentals

  • Itasca & PFC (consulting & software, PFC & other Itasca codes)
  • PFC: Historical Development and Engineering Applications
  • PFC Physics & Granular Flow
  • Hands On: Running PFC
  • Hands On: Simple Training Files (no FISH)

Day 2: Software Fundamentals (2) Morning

  • PFC and FISH
  • Hands On: Simple Training Files (FISH Tutorials)
  • Practical Items (e.g., model components — rigid blocks, traversing lists)
  • New in PFC 7.0

Day 3: Bonded-Particle Modeling Morning

  • Bonded-Particle Modeling (BPM), and The PFC Model1
  • Material-Modeling Support in PFC
  • Bonded-Block Modeling (BBM)
  • Hands On: BBM Exercises

Day 4: Workshop, Advanced Topics and Open-Floor Discussion Morning

  • Workshop example to be developed interactively
  • Overview of Remaining Features (brief)
  • Open-Floor Discussion: Each student presents their modeling goals, and we jointly formulate modeling strategies.


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Course Details

This is an online, live training.
Apr 4, 2022 - Apr 7, 2022

Language: English

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