How to increase the amount of memory used by FLAC?

Right-click FLAC shortcut, press “ Properties” , under “Shortcut” tab, add the amount of memory (in MB) to the end of the target string (see FLAC 8.0 User’s Guide: section 2.1.4).

GIIC cannot start, “Error occurred during initialization of VM. Could not reserve enough space for object heap. *** can't create Java Virtual Machine. GIIC canceled.”

There are two ways to fix this problem: 1. Reduce the amount of memory used by FLAC, or 2. Reduce the memory used for GIIC (512 MB by default) with command (set maxgiicmem value)

I get the error message “call C:/Program Files ... /Special/extrap3.fis ***Cannot open file C:/Program Files x86/Itasca/flac600/gu”.

This kind of error usually occurs in Windows 7 as the data inside C:\Program Files (x86)\ are protected by the system, and the fish function used for creating the mesh cannot be called by FLAC/Slope. To fix this error, you either get the full control on your computer (to allow FLAC access the data in C:\Program Files (x86)\ ) or you need to uninstall FLAC\SLOPE and reinstall it into a different folder other than "C:\Program Files (x86)\..." ( e.g. C:\itasca\)

Where can I find user-defined models (UDM)?

User-defined models are available at www.itascacg.com/udms. Please note: to load and use a UDM in FLAC, you must have C++ UDM option.