Technology Adoption Program

Itasca's Technology Adoption Program (TAP) allows customers to partner with Itasca and other members from industry, academia, and consulting to obtain cutting-edge solutions using Itasca pre-commercial products.


  • Annual membership includes three software licenses.
  • Dedicated one-on-one support from Itasca engineers and developers.
  • Two member meetings per year for problem solving and idea-sharing.
  • A portion of membership dollars will be used to fund software feature development requested by members.
  • Additional licenses and support can be purchased.

Contact us for more information about becoming an Itasca TAP member.

Applicable Software


Designed to simulate stability of a 3D rock slope in which global failure can develop as a combination of slip on pre-existing joints and fracturing of rock bridges. Download selected abstracts and our TAP leaflet.

  • Geometry can be imported using AutoCAD DXF format
  • Model results can be displayed and manipulated in 3D
  • The rock mass is represented as a Synthetic Rock Mass (SRM) model
  • Multiple built-in rock types property library
  • Realistic representation of deformation and fracturing of brittle rock for relevant stress conditions
  • In situ stresses may be specified
3D mesh generated from 3D photogrammetry point cloud of open pit slope face (left) and 3D mesh as imported into Slope Model (right). 
Havaej et al., 2013, pp. 627 used with permission.
Slope failure through fracture of intact rock bridges modeled with Slope Model; black dots indicate stress-induced cracks.