Session #sort descending Principal Author Abstract Title PDF of Abstract PDF of Presentation
1-1 John Holbrook SedHeat So Far 1-1 Holbrook.pdf 1-1 Holbrook Presentation.pdf
1-2 Derek Elsworth Engineering Challenges in the Recovery of Heat from Sedimentary Reservoirs 1-2 Elsworth.pdf 1-2 Elsworth Presentation.pdf
1-3 Chad Augustine Economic Challenges to the Development of Sedimentary Resources 1-3 Augustine.pdf 1-3 Augustine Presentation.pdf
2-1 Will Gosnold Challenges in Implementing a Multi-Partnership Geothermal Power Plant 2-1 Gosnold.pdf
2-2 John Fox The Technical Successes and Financial Challenges of Micro-Geothermal 2-2 Fox.pdf 2-2 Fox Presentation.pdf
2-3 Dario V. Guerra III If You Build It, They Will Come 2-3 Guerra.pdf 2-3 Guerra Presentation.pdf
2-4 Bruce Cutright Revisiting Deep Hot Sedimentary Reservoirs for Commercial Energy Production 2-4 Cutright.pdf 2-4 Cutright Presentation.pdf
3-1 Maurice Dusseault Geomechanics Issues in Warm Dry Rock EGS 3-1 Dusseault.pdf 3-1 Dusseault Presentation.pdf
3-2 Ahmed Abou-Sayed Injection Best Practices and Injector Performance Optimization 3-2 Abou-Sayed.pdf 3-2 Abou-Sayed Presentation.pdf
3-3 Tom Doe The Possible Role of Porous Flow in Mitigating the Short Circuiting Effects of Fractures 3-3 Doe.pdf 3-3 Doe Presentation.pdf
4-1 Sabodh Garg Geopressured Geothermal Systems 4-1 Garg.pdf 4-1 Garg Presentation.pdf
4-2 Luis Zerpa Effect of Reservoir Characteristics on the Performance of Sedimentary Geothermal Systems 4-2 Zerpa.pdf 4-2 Zerpa Presentation.pdf
4-3 Jill Haizlip Chemical Aspects of Production from Sedimentary Geothermal Systems 4-3 Haizlip.pdf 4-3 Haizlip Presentation.pdf
5-1 Ivan Wong Guidelines for Addressing Induced Seismicity from Energy Development in the U.S. 5-1 Wong.pdf 5-1 Wong Presentation.pdf
5-2 David Eaton Dynamics of Fault Activation by Hydraulic Fracturing in Overpressured Shales 5-2 Eaton.pdf 5-2 Eaton Presentation.pdf
5-3 Matt Hornbach Induced Seismicity in Texas: Implications for Geothermal Energy and New Tools for Long-term Mitigation 5-3 Hornbach.pdf 5-3 Hornbach Presentation.pdf
6-1 Jim Faulds Geothermal Exploration for Conventional Hydrothermal Systems with Applications to Sedimentary Hosted Systems 6-1 Faulds.pdf 6-1 Faulds Presentation.pdf
6-2 Maria Richards Low-Temperature Geothermal: Baseload versus Distributed Power 6-2 Richards.pdf 6-2 Richards Presentation.pdf
6-3 Rick Allis High-Temperature Stratigraphic Reservoirs in the Great Basin 6-3 Allis.pdf 6-3 Allis Presentation.pdf
6-4 Terry Jordan Brownfield for Fossil Fuels but Greenfield for Geothermal: Lessons from the Appalachian Basin 6-4 Jordan.pdf 6-4 Jordan Presentation.pdf
7-2 Cees Willems Identifying Geologic Risk and Optimizing Heat Extraction from Sedimentary Aquifers – an Example from the Netherlands 7-2 Willems.pdf 7-2 Willems Presentation.pdf
7-4 Loy Sneary Challenges in the Direct Heat-to-Power Business 7-4 Sneary.pdf 7-4 Sneary Presentation.pdf
7-5 Karin Block Winning Community Support for Projects 7-5 Block.pdf 7-5 Block Presentation.pdf
8-1 Sid Green What are the Conclusions Regarding Geothermal Energy Recovery from Sedimentary Basins? 8-1 Green.pdf 8-1 Green Presentation.pdf
8-2 Joe Moore Are Sedimentary Basins An Alterative To Conventional Resources? 8-2 Moore Presentation.pdf
Poster Wei Li GEOFRAC Simulation of the Mass and Heat Transfer in Geothermal Reservoirs Li Poster Abstract.pdf Li Presentation.pdf
Poster Mason MacKay Geomechanical Characterization of an Inter-Bedded Siltstone Outcrop Mackay Poster Abstract.pdf MacKay Presentation.pdf
Poster Emma McConville Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis, Nevada: A Detailed Study of Crescent Valley McConville Poster Abstract.pdf McConville Presentation.pdf
Poster Anahita Modiriasari Active Seismic Wave Monitoring of Progressive Fracture Propagation in Sedimentary Rocks Subjected to Compression Modiriasari Poster Abstract.pdf
Poster Shashank Tiwari Understanding Anomalous Heat Source at the Utah FORGE Site Tiwari Poster Abstract.pdf
Poster Rick Allis Will Stratigraphic Reservoirs Provide the Next Big Increase in U.S. Geothermal Power Generation? Allis Poster Abstract.pdf
Poster Dario Grana Rock Physics Modeling for Geothermal Reservoir Characterization in Sedimentary Basins Grana Poster Abstract.pdf
Poster Mark Gwynn Geothermal Potential in the Basins of East-Central and Southeastern Nevada Gwynn1 Poster Abstract.pdf Gwynn1 Presentation.pdf
Poster Mark Gwynn Geothermal Potential in the Basins of Northeastern Nevada Gwynn2 Poster Abstract.pdf Gwynn2 Presentation.pdf
Poster Hobie Willis Geothermal Assessment and Modeling of the Uinta Basin, Utah: Part I Willis Poster Abstract.pdf Willis Presentation.pdf
Poster Christian Hardwick Geothermal Assessment and Modeling of the Uinta Basin, Utah: Part II Hardwick Poster Abstract.pdf Hardwick Presentation.pdf
Poster Kam Ng A Laboratory Experimental Study of Enhanced Geothermal Systems Kam Poster Abstract.pdf
Poster Stefan Kirby Comparisons of Geothermal Systems in Central Nevada: Evidence for Deep Regional Geothermal Potential Based on Heat Flow, Geology, and Fluid Chemistry Kirby Poster Abstract.pdf Kirby Presentation.pdf
Poster Paul Morgan SEDHEAT – CARBONATES AS GEOTHERMAL RESERVOIRS Morgan Poster Abstract.pdf Morgan Presentation.pdf
Poster John Welhan High Heat Flow in the Idaho Thrust Belt: A Hot Sedimentary Geothermal Prospect Welhan Poster Abstract.pdf Welhan Presentation.pdf
Poster Cees Willems Fluvial Sequence Stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous West Netherlands Basin Geothermal Aquifers Derived from Palynological Cutting Analysis Willems Poster Abstract.pdf Willems Presentation.pdf
Poster James Craig Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis of a Potential Blind Geothermal System in Southern Gabbs Valley, Western Nevada Craig Poster Abstract.pdf Craig Presentation.pdf
Poster Kristopher Darnell Thermodynamic Analysis of Methane Hydrate Production from Injections of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Mixtures Darnell Poster Abstract.pdf Darnell Presentation.pdf
Poster Yi Fang Control of Roughness on the Evolution and Frictional Instability-Permeability Relations for Fractures Fang Poster Abstract.pdf Fang Presentation.pdf
Poster Kyungjae Im In-situ Measurement of Thermo-Mechanical Transport Properties of Fractured Reservoirs Im Poster Abstract.pdf Im Presentation.pdf
Poster Clay Jones Mapping Permeability in Carbonate Hosted Geothermal Reservoirs using Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes Jones Poster Abstract.pdf Jones Presentation.pdf