Conveners: John Holbrook, John McLennan, and Will Pettitt

Organizing Committee: Rick Allis, Chad Augustine, Doug Blankenship, Karin Block, Branko Damjanac, Herbert Einstein, Derek Elsworth, Charles Fairhurst, Jim Faulds, Ahmad Ghassemi, Sid Green, Joe Moore, Eric Haas, Azadeh Riahi, Peter Smeallie

The workshop, “Unlocking the Energy Elephant”, aims to foster the basic science and engineering of geothermal energy in high-temperature sedimentary basins, unifying themes of the SedHeat project and topics discussed at past meetings. It will gather experts in geothermal and related subsurface fields to identify challenges, issues, and potential resolutions associated with economically viable production of heat from sedimentary basins.

The core objectives of the workshop are to address:

  • What are opportunities in sedimentary geothermal?
  • What are barriers to success?
  • What should we focus on to make sedimentary geothermal viable?

The goal and structure of the SedHeat community is to serve, foster and coordinate sustained efforts toward advancing sedimentary-geothermal energy towards a significant breakthrough and development to its full potential.

At the workshop, we will exchange ideas and knowledge regarding scientific achievement and technology advancement in related areas such as shale completion and stimulation, coproduction and enhanced geothermal systems. General topics for discussion include:

  • Geology of Sedimentary Basins;
  • Reservoir Characterization and Engineering;
  • Drilling and Completion;
  • Coproduction with Oil & Gas;
  • Induced Seismicity and Environmental Impacts;
  • Regulatory Frameworks and Economic Assessments.

“Unlocking the Energy Elephant” is a workshop administered by the American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA) and Itasca Consulting Group (ICG). Funding is provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and registration fees, supported by ARMA, Itasca, the TCU Energy Institute, and University of Utah, and by the kind donation of time from the Conveners, Organizing Committee, Session Chairs, and our Speakers.