Distinct-Element Numerical Analysis with PFC

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Ecully, France

November 20-22, 2018

€1,560.00 (VAT included
25% academic discount

Details and Description 

This three-day introductory course provides guidance in the use of the Itasca codes PFC2D and PFC3D to simulate the mechanical behavior of granular and solid materials. The focus is on simulating the fracture
and flow of brittle rock-like materials. The PFC codes provide a general distinct-element engine along with embedded scripting capabilities, which provides full access to the internal variables of the model and allows one to implement user-defined behaviors. After the distinct-element framework that forms the theoretical basis for PFC is understood and scripting is mastered, the PFC codes can be used to
simulate any physical process whose physics can be described by the interactions of discrete bodies. This course combines lectures with hands-on modeling exercises.


Fabian DEDECKER and Sacha EMAM 

Who Should Attend? 

Current and prospective users of PFC.

What to Bring? 

Laptop computer with Windows system. Participants are urged to install the full version of the Itasca software and help files prior to class.


Itasca Consultants
64 Chemin des mouilles
69134 Ecully Cedex