Banff BIRS Hydraulic Fracturing: Modeling, Simulation, and Experiment

In Attendance

June 3-8, 2018

The objective of this workshop is to bring together Applied Mathematicians, Computational Scientists, Geo-Scientists, Engineers, and Experimental Scientists from Academia and Industry to accelerate the development of the HF models and computational techniques. The different computational techniques have been developed in research groups that have hitherto had little contact with one another. We envision selecting key speakers in each research area to give introductory lectures that will make their research accessible to those from other fields and particularly to graduate students. They will also be encouraged to discuss the major challenges they face. In addition, key industry stake-holders will be asked to give lectures outlining the problems not being addressed by the computer modeling techniques used by industry. This meeting aims to promote the sharing of technology among the different groups as well as established reference solutions and experimental results against which numerical schemes can be tested. For example, significant progress has recently been made on identifying the dominant multiscale behavior that determines the evolution of the HF free boundary and how to incorporate this behavior into numerical schemes. The aim will be to develop ways to incorporate this multiscale behavior into the newly-developed numerical techniques.


Banff International Research Station
107 Tunnel Mountain Drive
Banff, AB T1L 1H5