KUBRIX BlockRanger

KUBRIX BlockRanger

KUBRIX® BlockRanger is a fully interactive, volume mesh generation plug-in for the Rhino3D Solid Modeler.  BlockRanger converts Rhino 5 solids into blocks of high-quality hexahedral (brick) elements for use with most engineering analysis packages that require hexahedral meshing and a strict control of element quality, spatial distribution and orientation.


  • KUBRIX® BlockRanger is a general-purpose interactive all-hexahedral mesh generator for computer-aided engineering.  Its applications range from fluids and structures to biomedical and geosciences.
  • KUBRIX® BlockRanger is surprisingly easy to learn and to use.  If you know Rhino, you already know how to use BlockRanger!
  • KUBRIX® BlockRanger works as a plug-in to Rhino 5.  Building meshes is as easy as selecting an assembly of contiguous 4-, 5- or 6-sided solids and clicking on the BlockRanger icon.


  • BlockRanger Morphs Solids into Mesh Blocks: Build an assembly of 4-sided (tetrahedron), 5-sided (prism) or 6-sided (hexahedron) solids with matching corners, edges and faces, and BlockRanger converts them into hexahedral mesh blocks.
  • Mapped Meshing: 4-, 5- and 6-sided solids are mapped into conformal hexahedral mesh blocks with minimal user intervention.
  • Trivial User Interface:  BlockRanger needs only three user parameters (computed by default), maximum element edge length, minimum block resolution and target number of elements for best aspect ratio in order to create a complete mesh.
  • Export Formats: Volume grids produced by BlockRanger can be saved in the following ASCII file formats: Abaqus, Ansys, FLAC3D, I-DEAS, LS-DYNA, NASTRAN, PATRAN and VRML.