Griddle Training - 2017

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

October 23-25, 2017


Details and Description 

Itasca Consulting Group is pleased to offer an upcoming training course for Griddle version 1.0. The course consists of three days of training covering the Rhino CAD system (Robert McNeel and Associates) and its use with Itasca’s Griddle mesh generation plugins to generate numerical model grids for FLAC3D or 3DEC. The course material starts with basics and progresses through advanced topics outlined below:

Day 1 – Morning

  • Introduction to Itasca meshing capabilities and Griddle Rhino interface basics (Installation, toolbar etc.)

Day 1 - Afternoon

  • Griddle basics (icons, resources, commands, input, output)
  • Solid generation in Rhino (surface, surface mesh, intersections etc.)
  • Practical session : Simple example Part I

Day 2 – Morning

  • Practical session : Simple example Part II
  • Work flow optimization
  • Data clean-up (How to clean up raw data to get quality geometry.) 

Day 2 – Afternoon

  • Practical session : advanced example

Day 3 – Morning

  • Mixing meshing tools (examples)
  • Practical session (Mesh your own problem)

Day 3 – Afternoon

  • Practical session (Mesh your own problem)




Ed Dzik - Principal Engineer, Griddle Product Manager - Dr. Dzik is a geological engineer with graduate degrees in mathematics, computer science, and engineering. His research interests include mesh generation, computer graphics, and computational geomechanics. He has over 20 years of experience developing commercial and custom software for use in the mining and geotechnical industries and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Alberta, Canada. Dr. Dzik is responsible for new mesh generation technologies and competitive innovations.



Lauriane Bouzeran, Geotechnical Engineer -Ms. Bouzeran is an engineer in the geotechnical and mechanical engineering fields. She uses a micro-macro distinct element approach for evaluating the influence of joints on rock mass properties and analyses fractured rock masses by simulating large scale tests (based on the SRM methodology developed by Itasca). She also models complex structures to assess their stability under static and seismic loading in the framework of underground excavations and surface structures. Her modeling experience encompasses the use of several Itasca programs, including PFC3D, FLAC, and FLAC3D.


This training will be held in the Itasca office located at 111 Third Avenue South, Suite 450, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401.

United States